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Compassionate Inquiry Therapy - Changing Stories

What Can You Change?

You can’t always change or influence the people around you, but you can control your reactions to them. These reactions originate in your thoughts, or the way you perceive, process information, trauma and early life experiences. Your mindset and thoughts are powerful resources; what you think defines who you are and what you do in every aspect of your life. By being more attentive to your body sensations and modifying what you think and believe, you can change how you behave. Talk to one of our experienced therapists to determine which approach might best fit your needs. 

Too much stress and anxiety in your life? 

Having trouble with motivation, focus and productivity? Struggling in midlife? 

Too many self-defeating impacts, addictions and negative consequences? 

  These are issues rooted in trauma, the mindset beliefs and the stories we tell ourselves.


As human beings, we are capable of re-directing the stories of our lives simply by altering the way we think. It is this fact that makes change possible – if you first take the time to understand yourself, welcome trusted and skilled support and then make a serious effort to use what you learn. Our mindset experts are trauma informed and understand the significant impacts of early childhood experiences, poverty, injustices and the challenges life simply throws our way. Ultimately, the choice is yours; we invite you to re-wire, to get unstuck, to grieve when necessary and to invest in your own growth and development

Change can be threatening to many people – however it does not have to be that way. Fear about changing, resisting to new ways of doing things, and the simplicity of sticking with what may have worked in the past are just a few of the many ideas that prevent us from making changes. The old adage, this is how I have always done things often needs to be examined with curiosity.

In addition to being highly productive and rewarding, the process of change can actually be exciting and fun. The benefits achieved through the process of change far outweigh the perceived risks. One of the greatest benefits is decreasing the negative signs and symptoms of anxiety and stress related impacts on your health, overall quality of life and well-being. It can impact us internally by how we feel and think, and externally in our ability to connect with others and the world around us.


                                                                                                      Ideally, we can…


Connect Better


Build more positive affiliative relationships

Develop more authentic relationships and truly connect

with others in safe, trusting and effective ways


Think Better

Access more constructive and effective thinking styles 


Learn more to better manage your mindset, mitigate the stress and anxiety of defensive thinking styles and enable greater confidence 


Feel Better


Respond effectively to external stimuli and life’s challenges


Develop the conscious use of your mindset to "respond versus react”, replacing emotionally-triggered reactivity with controlled responsiveness and resilience

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