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Validity Reports

Human Synergistics Canada is a privately held consulting firm, dedicated to strengthening organizations through individual development. We believe that one of the most effective ways to help people develop and grow is through training, combined with feedback on performance.


We gather feedback through assessments or questionnaires. These are completed by the focal individual, often in conjunction with feedback by significant others. In order for process to work, the assessments need to be accurate and valid. In order for the assessments to be accurate, those completing them need to be totally honest. We know that people will be hesitant to provide honest feedback, if they feel their answers might become known to the focal individual or to other members in the organization.


One of the reasons that Peak Experiences choose Human Synergistics to provide them with assessments is because they want an independent third party to develop and administer assessments that are accurate, valid and reliable and will ensure the anonymity of the raters. We, at Human Synergistics Canada ensure your privacy in a number of ways. Whether you are the person being assessed (called “focal individuals”) or the one assessing others (called “raters”) we are morally committed to ensuring your privacy.

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Since 1997, we have been utilizing the world class assessment tools by Human Synergistics International. This short booklet gives you an insight into our different diagnostic tools and approach to make sustainable change in individuals, teams, leaders and your organization.


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