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Culture Change

Whether you are the leader of an organization or a community member, whether you are an experienced change agent or are just entering the field, we are here to help you understand the initiatives, strategies and personal actions needed to create lasting culture change, and improve the overall performance of your organization or to help foster change in society. 


We know it is difficult to change culture; the failure rate is higher than we'd like to see. Research has shown that 67% of all culture change initiatives falter. People know they need to work on ineffective cultural norms and behaviours but it’s not an easy subject. They often stall because they just don’t know what to do, where to begin or are afraid of resurfacing another change initiative.


Over the past 28 years, Peak Experiences has built a reputation for innovation in the field of organizational development and culture change. From the very first conversation, our associates connect with your desired outcomes, help bring light to the core issues you are struggling with and assist in co-designing a path forward to help move people towards the attitudes, values and beliefs of the new culture.  


We encourage you to ask questions, be curious and share your experiences. We are here to help you get culture right. 

Key Issues Facing Society  

What Culture Issue is on Your Mind?

Changing the Stories in our Society.

What Challenging Culture Change Issues Are Keeping You Up At Night?

Pioneering Culture Insights

We are especially aware of our culture when we need to adapt or change. Our world is growing in complexity. The need for rapid change and adaptation is clear, but most leaders don’t understand how culture is driving the behaviour they see in their organization or communities and the related outcomes. It’s very important for leaders and change agents to learn from the culture pioneers and experts in this evolving field. Our relationship with Human Synergistics International connects us to important insights from culture trailblazers and progressive leaders.

Culture Experts

We specialize in developing and providing tools, information and proven change strategies that help enable individuals to reach their potential, groups to realize synergy, and organizations to achieve sustainability. We help to develop effective leaders, innovative teams, and positive workplace cultures. 

Our Solutions

We’re here to help you to achieve genuine change and unlock growth at any level of your organization. Whether you’re looking for external support to guide your strategy or have the capability in-house, our world-class consultants can support you along the way.

The Circumplex

The Human Synergistics Circumplex provides a way to see, measure, and change the thinking and behavioural styles proven to drive the performance of not only individuals, but also groups and organizations. Used across our Integrated Diagnostic System, it enables you to use a common language and visual model for development across all levels.


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