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Peak Experiences was formed in 1992 to help individuals by delivering powerful learning solutions for organizations, leaders and practitioners who have a clear stake in accelerating individual, team and organization effectiveness. Through the use of our globally-recognized tools from Human Synergistics, administered locally by our associates, our clients are able to measure what many assume to be unmeasurable — individual behavior, group styles, organizational culture, and the impact of these factors on effectiveness.  By doing so, we enable individuals, groups, and organizations to initiate changes and realize their potential. 

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Our business is about constructive development - facilitating behavioural change that leads to increased individual, team, and organizational effectiveness. With a long successful relationships utilizing the internationally-recognized assessments and simulations from Human Synergistics we help teams, organizations, and their members measure and improve leadership and culture to increase organizational performance and sustainability. Our commitment embraces both intention and action. Our organizational core values govern everything we do. When you choose to work with Peak Experiences you are assured of:

     • Trust and Integrity                         • Service Excellence              • Partnerships for Measurable Results / Growth & Development

     • Memorable Experiences               • Safety and Support            • Social Justice and Environmental Sustainability

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Tell us your unique requirements and find out how we can bring meaningful change to you, your team or your organization. Please contact to set-up a conversation. We look forward to hearing from you. 

Frank Gallant is the founder and the principle of Peak Experiences. With more than 28 years of experience and many success stories under his belt, Frank enjoys working with a large diversity of clients. He has a deep passion for helping others strengthen their mindset to allow them to be more effective in all areas of their lives. Click on "Bio" to read more...  

David is the newest member of our team, and brings a unique perspective on personal development and is passionate about helping client's perform at their optimum. David has a strong understanding of how to cope positively with bereavement, and enjoys connecting with large audiences through his motivational speeches. Click on "Bio" to read more. 

Heather Mayhew
Research & Sustainability Programs

Culture Champion



Heather Mayhew provides the backbone of the science and research to support the environmental sustainability and ecological integrity of our business and program development. With over thirty years' experience in biological monitoring, working with grassroots organizations, government and academic institutions, she brings a clear view and appreciation of ecological and social justice issues. Click on "Bio" to read more... 

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Frank Gallant


Culture Change Champion



David Garner
Culture Change Champion in Grief Support & Nadir Experiences