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Mindset Stories Podcasts

The Mindset Stories Podcast is grounded in the practicalities of the highs and the lows of life. It is emotionally compelling, insightful and inspirational with the goal of helping others understand and develop their mindset. Our aim is to achieve this understanding of the human mindset through the thought provoking and motivational stories of our guests, as we uncover the underlying aspects of their mindset that either helped them or hindered them along their journey.

David and Frank invite people to understand the depth of the human mindset and how it plays out in all our daily lives. They believe that the peak experiences of life (the highs) and especially the nadir experiences (the lows) can be analyzed from a perspective that allows people to broaden their mindset, so we are better equipped to live life in a much more calm, rewarding and constructive manner.


Everyone has a story. We believe that there are aspects to everyone’s unique circumstances that can inspire and motivate others, and the idea behind this podcast is that through shared storytelling people have the ability to heal and transform their lives, or more compassionately support others.

Join the conversation on iTunes, Spotify or Podomatic or whenever you are up, or down or inspired enough to listen in.

Frank Gallant and David Garner and

Peak and Nadir Storytellers

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Episode One: Peace of Mind for Mental Health - Tareq Hadhad, CEO Peace by Chocolate

Our chocolate factory in Syria was destroyed in the war and forced our family to leave everything behind and flee. Managing our mindsets through deep despair in refugee camps, then in 2016 coming to a new country as refugees… and with huge community support we re-started our lives in Canada and created Peace by Chocolate.

Episode Two: No Time For That (Bullying) - Elsie Morden, Halifax, Country Music Artist/Activist

No time for bullying, no time for stigma and no time for negativity. You’ll be glad you made time for Elsie though, her story and mission are inspiring on every level”

Episode Three: Buy One, Give One, With Derek Juno

This week, David talks to Derek Juno, the executive Vice President of Mealshare, one of North America's fastest rising and leading charitable organizations who are doing everything in their power to eradicate youth hunger across the globe.

Episode Four: Estate of Mind, with Rebecca Marchand

David chats to Realtor Rebecca Marchand about her journey into a new career, with an incredible personal reveal changing the dynamics of the story.

Episode Five: Don't be Afraid of the Dentist, with Bridgette Green

This week, David talks with Dalhousie Dental student Bridgette, about all things Oral Hygiene, Bridgette is a prime example of the dedication and sacrifice required in order to pursue higher education, and her story serves as almost a blueprint of what to do if you really want to achieve your goals.

Episode Six: Lets keep talking, with Frank and David

Happy new decade! This week, Frank and David discuss all things mindset from the 2010's and look forward to the 2020's, with a significant bias towards global warming. 

Episode Seven: About Miscarriages, with Joanne Gallant

This week, David speaks with Mother of one Joanne Gallant about her experience with miscarriage.

Episode Eight: What Is A Nadir Experience

This week, Frank and David talk about all things Nadir experience, and how the analysis of life's lows can lead to greater peace of mind when it comes to dealing with future Nadir's.

Episode Nine: Sweet Pea's are made of these, with Johanna Galipeau

This week, David speaks to the owner of Sweet Pea Boutique Joey, who decided to drop out of university to pursue her dream of opening Halifax most spectacular place to buy dresses for all occasions.

Episode Ten: Forest or The Trees, with Ian Ripley

This week, Frank sits down with Ian Ripley, general manager of Athol Forestry for a fascinating insight into what it's like to deal with a life-changing decision in an industry that the vast majority of employees have never known anything else.

Episode Eleven: Student Life and beyond, with Rebecca Mesay

This week, Frank sits down with St francis Xavier student union leader Rebecca, who has a unique tale on campus life. 

Episode Twelve: Mindset for difficult times, with Dean Perry

In a timely educational episode, Frank interviews psychologist Dean Perry, who knows a thing or two about the human mindset, emergency preparedness and trauma. 

Episode Thirteen: Modern Hustle, with Nick Stoddard

This week, David sits down with entrepreneur Nick Stoddard, Co founder of Antimatter Creative labs and Dart Frog Events.

Episode Fourteen: Behavioural change, with Dr. Michael Vallis

In our first story since the Covid-19 lockdown, David chats to top health psychologist Dr. Michael Vallis about all things behaviour and habit related.

Episode Fifteen: Living through and with Covid-19

David and Frank reunite to discuss all things mindset related to covid-19.

Episode Sixteen: My Life Matters, with Tyler Simmons

David speaks with Tyler Simmons about his experiences as a black male living in Nova Scotia, and gathers his perspective on recent events across the globe and what needs to be done to effect lasting change.

Episode Seventeen: Next level Performance, with Pat Busby

Pat has been a high achiever most of his life. Thriving in a business that demands an up close and personal approach, covid-19 hit Pat's industry hard.

Friday Feels

Friday Feels: Interpreting Signs from Above

In what may become a regular feature, David shares a powerful story from his past that helped shape one of his biggest life decisions.

Friday Feels: Keep Going

David recounts an incredible tale from the Summer of 2017 that led to a lot of joy, happiness and emotion.

Friday Feels: One inspirational woman

This week, David relays an incredible story about his mother during her battle with cancer.

Friday Feels: Barbershop Opportunities

In this weeks Friday feels episode, David relays a tale from a recent barbershop experience and the opportunities it presented for educating on the importance of body language and tone.

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