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Mindset Preparedness Resiliency Kit

Peak Experiences' Mindset Preparedness Resilience Kit has been designed to give people from all walks of life the capacity to help people increase their resilience, strengthen their ability to manage their mindsets in life, through the COVID 19 pandemic and to increase their ability to be more supportive and compassionate to vulnerable members in our communities.

Why a Mindset Preparedness Resilience Kit?

It’s fair to say that COVID 19 has thrown the world a curve ball we could not have predicted. It has caught most of us off guard. Images of the possibility of a more complex climate change catastrophe is now in the minds of a growing number of citizens and our understanding of the need for change has never been greater. 


Leaders of businesses or organizations, students and everyday households are now facing the more complex challenges of supporting people to maintain a positive focus in difficult conditions, to keep working under challenging circumstances conceivably with more demands, increased pressure and an unknown future.

We have assessed and supported over 12,000 people in managing and strengthening their mindset since 1992. If you or someone you know is struggling with their mindset (underlying attitudes, values and beliefs) and their stress and anxiety is too high, we are here to help. What’s included? 

Our Mindset Preparedness Resilience Kit includes:

  1. A Customized LSI (Mindset) Leadership Assessment

  2. A 1.5 hour zoom meeting coaching session to review your LSI Leadership mindset assessment to help enable you lead more effectively and redirect your thinking from self-defeating defensive thoughts to more effective and constructive thoughts. 

  3. LSI Leadership Interactive Action Planning Guide PDF (New)

  4. Mindset Style Reflective Journal (New) 

  5. Access to our On-Line Mindset Stories Community Resource Room (New)

​How much does it cost?

We offer a sliding scale based on income and / or ability to ensure everyone can access this service. 


The Resilience Kit is:

$ 450.00 + hst     for household incomes over $ 100,000.00 / year.

$ 350.00 + hst.    for household incomes over $ 75,000.00 / year.

$ 175.00 + hst.    for household incomes over $ 35,000.00 / year. 

$   75.00 + hst.    for household incomes under $ 35,000.00 / year, under or unemployed. 

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