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The Value of Mindset Change

The Value of Change

Why are some people more successful and content in life than others? The answer lies in their ability to advance aspects of a positive / constructive mindset and work to recognize and change self-defeating behaviours and thinking styles.


Rather than merely living or ignoring characteristics that impede personal and professional performance, those who are most effective take action to continually improve themselves.

Developing the internal motivation and initiative necessary to make positive behavioral changes can result in:

  • Greater satisfaction with personal and professional life;

  • Stronger ability to mitigate or overcome adversity and / or recover from a crisis;

  • More opportunities for advancement at work on projects that are personally meaningful;

  • Improve the relationships with family, friends, and coworkers;

  •  Increased productivity and improved quality of products or services;

  • Heightened self-esteem and confidence to do the things you want to do;

  • A fuller, more rewarding and satisfying life.

The Challenge of Change

“There is nothing permanent except change.”               

– Heraclitu


As human beings, we are capable of re-directing our lives simply by altering the way we think. It is this fact it makes change possible – if you first take the time to understand yourself, and then make a serious effort to use what you learn. Ultimately, the choice is yours; you can become complacent with yourself as you are (not investing your growth and development), or explore your grow, potential and make the most of your abilities.

Change can be threatening to many people – however it does not have to be that way. Fear about changing, resisting to new ways of doing things, and the simplicity of sticking with what may have worked in the past are just a few of the many ideas that prevent us from making changes. The old adage, this is how I have always done things often needs to be closely examined.

In addition to being highly productive and rewarding, the process of change can actually be exciting and fun. The benefits achieve through the process of change far outweigh the perceived risks. One of the greatest benefits is decreasing the negative signs and symptoms of stress related impacts on health.

What Can You Change?

You can’t always change or influence the people around you, but you can control your reactions to them. These reactions originate in your thoughts, or the way you perceive and process information and experiences. Your thoughts are powerful resources; what you think defines who you are and what you do in every aspect of your life. By modifying what you think, you can change how you behave.

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