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Welcome to the Culture Leaders Network - Black Lives Matter

We are building a future that’s better for everyone, not just the few – and we will do this by increasing people’s capacity to create a cultural change within their organizations, their communities and their lives.


A lot of the work has been done over the past number of years to help and it has involved building the internal capacity and leadership skills of our partner organizations and friends from across Nova Scotia. It is now time to come together to unify and change the culture for African Nova Scotias. 


Black Lives Matter. 


We will be expansive. We will affirm our lives. We will build a network of shared leaders. Together, we will transform the culture of Nova Scotia. Then we will scale up our impact.


If you're interested in how you can help bridge the gap between your ideas for change and large-scale impact, we, together with our culture change partner, Frank Gallant of Peak Experiences invite you to join a very special culture leaders network focussing specifically on Black Lives Matter. We have co-developed a culture change approach which pulls together the common factors of how change has happened in the past with other movements. 


We’re galvanizing a provincial-wide effort to fight for liberty, justice, and freedom. We are not done. Through our collective efforts, change is coming. We hope you can join us.

Get Involved

Champion Change

Find out more about the Black Lives Matter Culture Leaders Network, express your interests, engage with

others, collectively propose

a project and be a champion, share success stories and

stay updated.

Complimentary Membership.

Invest In Yourself Leadership Development

Meet and grow together

with inspiring leaders who

are contributing to advancing the Black Lives Matter movement in their organizations and 

communities from across

Nova Scotia and beyond.

Engage Now.

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Share the Leadership to

Advance the BLM Movement

Practice the ways of a culture leader through the invitation of joining the BLM movement, sharing of resources and networking with leaders working on the ground, within and between local communities.

Build Capacity Now!

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Jason MacLean          Melissa Marsman          Frank Gallant

President                    Board Member,             President 

NSGEU                        NSGEU                             Peak Experiences

Champions for Change

“If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go further, go together.”

- African Proverb

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