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"Falcons have exceptional powers of vision and they are a solar emblem for success, victory and rising above a situation. They symbolism opportunity is near and they are prepared"


Welcome to the BirdsEye Culture Leaders Network. 

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Black Lives Matter - Culture Leaders Network Membership Services

Develop Your Leadership and Culture Change Skills to Help Advance Black Lives 

Whether you are the leader of an organization or a community member, whether you are an experienced change agent or are just entering the field, we invite you to understand the initiatives, strategies and personal actions helpful to create lasting culture change within the Black Lives Matters movement. 


The following services are available to individuals who sign up for a complimentary membership to the Black Lives Matters - Culture Leaders Network. For information regarding memberships, click here

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Join us for monthly live webinars or catch-up via post recorded webinars 

on relevant culture 

change topics driven by you - the membership.  

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Join us for monthly on-line zoom workshops on key topics related to leadership development, cultural change, adapting norms, mindset change, cultural disruption and more - all to help

advance the Black

Lives Matter movement. 

Culture Bites Podcast Logo.png

Culture Podcasts

Join our friends from Human Synergistics New Zealand as they take culture theory and turn it into everyday insights. They are powered by Human Synergistics International

- a leading consulting,

research, and diagnostics

firm specializing in

leadership development

and culture change.

Mindset Stories Podcast Image.png

Mindset Podcasts

Join Frank and David as they interview guests with inspirational tales, and dive into aspects of their mindset which will provide learning points applicable in every day life, leadership and culture change.

More themes centred around the Black Lives Movement "coming soon."

(8) Ingoing Coaching Support.png

Coaching Support

Engage a culture change expert to expand your leadership capacity to make a difference with individuals, your organization and your community around advancing the Black Lives Matter movement.

CLN Resource Library Image.png

Resource Library

Secure access to our leadership development and Black Lives Matter culture change

on-line resource library. Insightful articles, papers, media releases and well vetted and helpful video's. 

(6) Team Development Implementation & Co

Discussion Groups

(7) Real Life Problem Solving.png

Culture Change Summit

What aspect of the Black Lives Matter culture change issues are keeping you up at night. Engage with culture leader from across the province working to create change in their organizations and within local communities. 

Join us for our 

leadership and cultural change summit where we work together with other culture leaders to explore key culture changes issues impacting the Black Lives Matter movement in Nova Scotia and beyond.

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