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Team Action - Team Formation and Development

This program provides inspiring and structured learning experiences to engage groups in the application of practical team building techniques. 

Using a combination of fun and engaging experiential methods and theoretical frameworks we provide an in-depth introduction to interpersonal relations and group dynamics. In this program, we answer three critical questions: What are teams? Why are they powerful? How do we make them work? 

Available in a one to two day workshop or sequenced within an on-line zoom call, this program allows participants to observe how connectivity, safety and play assist in the growth and development of group members. Team will endeavour to understand their own group processes and explore their overall effectiveness. 

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The Benefits for your organization

An investment in our Team Action program is powerful for helping groups build trust, manage diversity, build open communication processes, strengthen team norms and advance goals more effectively. It’s particularly valuable for team development initiatives, such as:


  • measuring and monitoring team performance

  • creating a team environment that encourages innovation and idea-sharing

  • sharpening team members’ analytical and problem solving skills developing consensus-based decision making

  • achieving synergy and higher quality and acceptance of group decisions

Make the Team Action team formation and development part of your drive for change

An experienced Peak Experiences associate can help you to understand, advance and implement the key foundations for building a strong and effective team. If you would like to know more about our Team Action program or any of our customized team building workshops, please get in touch and we will be happy to assist you.

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