Strategic and / or Business Planning

Almost without exception, today’s leaders need to focus more on developing a shared vision for their organization than simply designing a organizational development strategy. It is not that strategies aren’t needed but strategies alone are no longer enough. Contractually based relationships do not inspire the extraordinary effort and sustained commitment required to deliver consistently superior performance.


People are only somewhat engaged by strategies. They form stronger emotional attachment and a commitment to the vision they helped create. This increases peoples internal motivation to deliver on the strategies and make the vision come alive. Strategies answer what but don’t answer why, and knowing why is more important for long-term success.


Since 1992, we have facilitated hundreds of "Visioning and Strategic Planning" sessions for a wide variety of clients and backgrounds from:

• government

• education
• business and industry

• health care

• community groups and / or partnerships groups

• not-for-profit and many others.

Drop us a line and we can have an initial discuss about how we can customize our process to support your strategic or business planning process and help you meet your desired outcomes. 

"We are a new organization and we wanted to develop a comprehensive strategic plan. We brought in Frank Gallant of Peak Experiences to help us go out and facilitate interactions with the community and across the region. Frank was excellent interacting with the individuals, business owners and residents of the community. We had a lot of positive feedback on the process. He was a real pleasure to work with and we were really happy with the strategic plan as a final product." 

- Brennan Gillis, CEO, 
Truro and Colchester Partnership for Economic Prosperity

“As a dynamic sport and entertainment venue located in the heart of Atlantic Canada it has always been a challenge sourcing reliable and professional consultation service that understands our complex business, that is, until we

built a relationship with Peak Experiences!  Frank and his team have provided top notch “turn-key” solutions

that have revitalized our strategic priorities.  Community Health is our top priority and we know that we can

trust the Peak Experiences team to be accountable and dedicated to help refresh the optimal business

solutions for our Board, senior staff, and patrons alike”.


- Matt Moore, General Manager,

Rath Eastlink Community Centre, Truro, Nova Scotia

"The Municipality of the County of Pictou recently adopted a new recreation strategy called Making A Move. The strategy will enable the Municipality’s recreation program to move forward addressing the community’s
needs and priorities. In developing the strategy, the Municipality engaged Peak Experiences to facilitate
our planning process. The facilitation work completed by Frank Gallant and Rick Gilbert has
left the Council, public and staff feeling engaged and challenged to think to the future.
Our plan is tailored to meet our needs and has been written in a way that supports our priorities and goals.
The Municipality believes that the work completed by Peak Experiences provides us with a strong
foundation to enable our programs to move forward and that their contribution has been
invaluable to the Municipality in achieving our goal of a new recreation strategy."
- Brian Cullen, CAO & Cindy Fraser, Recreation Director
The Municipality of the County of Pictou

“I have worked with Peak Experiences on several initiatives over the past number of years, all of which were very positive.  Most recently, our recreation department has worked with Frank Gallant on the development of a new municipal recreation and physical activity plan.  Frank and his team took the time to understand our needs as well as expertly engaged residents in recreation and physical discussions, drawing out their thoughts and ideas on the topic.  The ensuing result was a comprehensive plan with clear and concise goals, objectives and strategies that clearly articulated our community’s needs. I highly recommend Frank Gallant and his team if you are considering developing a strategic plan.”


- Marlene Melanson, Recreation Director,

The Municipality of the County of Antigonish

“If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go further, go together.”

- African Proverb

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