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Collaboration for the Long View

The challenges we face in our culture today are intensifying and becoming more complex, and so we need to do more to mitigate risk and translate inspiration into real change. Business models and communities are at risk from all quarters. They are also at risk from major changes in their operating context. We are heading into a VUCA world — volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous — where the necessity for more sustainable business practice is ever stronger. Leaders must have one eye on the future if they are to remain successful in a complex and rapidly changing world. Doing nothing presents real risks. Acting now opens exciting opportunities. To deliver a more sustainable future, businesses, organizations and communities need to see themselves as system innovators. This means creating efficiencies and innovating their core business, products and services, and understanding their role in the wider system, as well as working to create the conditions in which they will be successful. 

To create change, organizations need to be free to innovate and experiment. This encourages a whole range of sharing by local stakeholders and encourages new and positive community interactions. If you haven’t already, it’s time to explore theBIGshift approach. Many of the vital systems that we rely on are not working or they are at risk in the near future. We need to change these systems to make them more resilient, more equitable and able to continue into the long term future.


At Peak Experiences, we find practical ways to do this — something we call system innovation. We define system innovation as a set of actions that shift a system — a city / town, a sector, an economy — onto a more sustainable path. This approach to big innovation is doable and now more necessary than ever.

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Collaboration for the Long View Flyer
Initiating, building and managing partnerships for long-term success.

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