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Leadership Coaching Support

Experienced Consulting and Coaching

Leadership development is best achieved by working with a professional coach - someone who can help you understand your own thinking, behaviour and leadership style and identify strategies for improvement. We can help you design and implement targeted solutions for leadership development and link it to culture and team initiatives, if desired. 


Our leadership coaching programs provides a uniquely challenging but supportive working partnership that benefits individuals and organizations by improving performance through developing skills, confidence and focus. We’ve built an impressive track record coaching leaders, managers and supervisors in a wide variety of sectors. Our coaches create robust, strong and confidence-building working partnerships which are underpinned by sound coaching principles and well validated techniques.

A growing number of Canadian organizations offer leadership coaching to people at all levels of their organization. Whether hiring external coaches or training their own people in leadership skills, organizations are finding that coaching is essential for creating change and evolving people towards their highest productivity and potential. 

Our coaching options are outlined below along with sample stand-alone packages. Each package is customized and tailored to the individual, using various Human Synergistic leadership assessments depending on your circumstances, required coaching interventions, timing and identified goals and outcomes. They also serve as starting points for a conversation to clarify our coaching agreement. Every coaching assignment utilizes a needs assessment process to allow us to get to know you better, your setting and build a respectful and trusting relationship.

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