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“If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go further, go together.”

- African Proverb

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How Can We Help You? 

Frank Gallant and the Peak Experiences Consulting associate team specialize in the connection between Leadership - Culture - Performance. 

We understand the underlying mindset - the attitudes, values and beliefs of individuals, teams and organizations that are essential for building and maintaining a culture of high performance. 

Since 1992, we have been helping businesses, government and community organizations align their behaviours to solve complex problems, advance goals and create the cultural norms for long-term success. 

In a world that is requiring more interdependent team work, trust and open communication, we can help you get on the road to stronger performance and overall results. Our core services are outlined in the following training brochures;

The Difference Human Synergistics

Tools Make 

Since 1997, we have been utilizing the world class assessment tools by Human Synergistics International. This short booklet gives you an insight into our different diagnostic tools and approach to make sustainable change in individuals, teams, leaders and your organization.


"Booklet - The Difference HS Tools Make" - PDF

Recent Video Testimonials

"We are a new organization and we wanted to develop a comprehensive strategic plan. We brought in Frank Gallant of Peak Experiences to help us go out and facilitate interactions with the community and across the region. Frank was excellent interacting with the individuals, business owners and residents of the community. We had a lot of positive feedback on the process. He was a real pleasure to work with and we were really happy with the strategic plan as a final product." 

- Brennan Gillis, CEO, 
Truro and Colchester Partnership for Economic Prosperity


To review the TCPEP Public Strategy - click here

"The Municipality’s Senior Leadership Team engaged Frank Gallant to strengthen our communication, leadership and coaching skills.  An emphasis was placed on learning about ourselves (how we learn, our values and our impact on the organization’s culture),  as well as our team (our current workplace culture and what we would like it to be). 

Frank helped us identify behaviours that held us back, pushed us to communicate directly and constructively, and showed us the value to the Municipality when we do this consistently.  I would recommend Peak Experiences to any organization that values its workplace culture and wants to strengthen its constructive behaviours and derive all the benefits that follow."

 - Glenn Horne, Clerk Treasurer

Municipality of the County of Antigonish


Our team is here to help get you started or to simply have a discussion about your training and development interests, the opportunity you would like to leverage or the problem you would like to have solved. 

Whether you’re enquiring about our consulting services, diagnostic tools, or general information, simply fill in the form below and we will be in touch shortly, drop us an email or give us a call. Thank you for your interest.

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