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We specialize in providing tools, information, navigational aids and proven change strategies that drive engagement and constructive mindset development leading to safety, trust and higher levels of collaboration.


Our speciality is helping enable individuals to reach their potential, to foster compassion, helping groups to realize synergy, and organizations and communities to strengthen cultural norms by working hand-in-hand for a better world for humans and all living things. For over 28 years, people have felt safe and trusted Peak Experiences associates to help them activate strategic change.

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Culture Change

Our experience shows us that culture can be changed and sustained. Our industry-leading cultural assessments and experienced team can help you to unlock the secrets of cultural transformation and craft the right solution. Our success comes from long term and collaborative partnerships with our clients, allowing us to connect, provide timely guidance and support to their culture change plans and leadership development processes.

Start your journey towards helping to advance your organization's performance or to support people working to create a more socially just, kind, and sustainable world.

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Leadership Development

Advancing ones self-awareness, staying humble and investing in ones personal growth and development is critical if you are looking to strengthen engagement, trust, communication, problem solving and overall decision making effectiveness. We call this the Leadership - Culture - Performance connection. 


Our training solutions can help you to identify the relationship between effective mindsets, leadership behaviours and performance


Let us help you guide leaders into acting to improve their impact.

Students Taking Note

Changing Stories -
Compassionate Inquiry Therapy 

Changing Stories - Compassionate Inquiry Therapy is for people looking to move into a more compassionate and deeper therapeutic examination of how past trauma is currently impacting their lives in the form of addictions, struggles with mental health issues, high stress and anxiety and / or midlife challenges. Compassionate Inquiry is a powerful psychotherapeutic approach developed by Dr. Gabor Maté. 


The point of CI is to drill down to those course stories that people tell themselves. To get them to see what stories they are telling themselves unconsciously, what those beliefs are and where they came from. To guide them to the possibility of letting go of those stories or letting go of the hold those stories have on them. Through Compassionate Inquiry, the client can recognize the unconscious dynamics that run their lives and how to liberate themselves from them. 

Frank's curiosity for who we are as human beings motivate him to examine pathways to our authentic selves and how our personal and collective histories define our beliefs and interactions. His approach comes from the heart - it is gentle, clear and intuitive.

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Strategic Planning and Facilitation

Almost without exception, today’s leaders and their teams need to focus more on developing a shared vision for their organization than simply designing an organizational development strategy. Our approach to strategic planning is values-based and highly customized, carefully designed to be unique to your needs, challenges and organizational imperatives. We will help you build on your existing strengths and inspire the extraordinary effort and sustained commitment required to deliver on the future you desire. 


Align your people to rally around a shared vision and a united strategy!

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Group Dynamics

Our group and team solutions develop constructive interaction styles that lead to psychological safety, engagement, team synergy, innovation and high performance! 
If you are looking for a customized program to bring a new team together, advance your current team dynamics, or sort out some really difficult group dynamics, we have the solution for you.

Start with one of our customized team building programs today!

Peak Experiences Associates Work With You

The approaches we have taken are fundamental, authentic and enduring rather than superficial, ephemeral or trendy. We work under the assumption that the constancy of constructive norms and styles provide the strongest base for individual and organizational learning and resilience and, ironically, flexibility and adaptability. 

On our 29th anniversary, we are grateful for the opportunity to have worked with a large diversity of clients from across Atlantic Canada to support leaders in catalyzing cultural and systemic change towards a truly just, sustainable and resilient world.

Since 1992, We have worked with...
Over 2,500 organizations
Over 12,000 people to strengthen their leadership styles
Clients returning for multiple engagements (78%)
Hundreds of clients on culture change initiatives
Hundreds of clients to advance their strategic plans

Equipping People to Drive Lasting Change - Transformation Success Story
Assumption Life, Moncton, New Brunswick 

Assumption Life HS Award (May 2023).jpg

Culture Change is challenging, yet the work leaves us deeply hopeful. We have been immersed and bathed in a cultural a story for generations; one grounded in the beliefs of patriarchal and colonial frameworks. The impacts of these stories have been so negative and harmful that we are now at a cross roads where the only responsible choice is to change our culture. The Covid 19 pandemic has forced many of us to slow down, and this has often resulted in our becoming more present, attuned and connected. By developing deeper relationships with ourselves, other people and to the natural world, the negative impacts we see become less tolerable, and our shared motivation for lasting change evolves. There is an invitation in the air. Let's change now. 

Our vision is to provide transformational leadership in helping to solve culture change problems in Atlantic Canada through deliberate thought, constructive disruption and shared power.

Unlocking the Secrets of Cultural Transformation

Change is exciting, inspirational and often a lot of hard work. You know it. We know it. If you share the desire for change, you know change is possible. We have the depth of experience and know-how about the human mindset and how to create culture change. We work in partnership and equip organizations and individuals with the skills needed to take meaningful action. This is an invitation to get started.

Here our offer. It’s free. We promise this 12-Step “Key Secrets to Cultural Transformation” paper will provide you some insights to get your mindset heading in the right direction. 


So join us in taking the next step in transforming an issue that is deeply important to you.

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 To join our on-line communities or to find out how we can help you, contact our team of change agents 

Pioneering Insight - The Circumplex

The Human Synergistics Circumplex provides a way to see, measure, and change the thinking and behavioural styles proven to drive the performance of not only individuals, but also groups and organizations. Used across our Integrated Diagnostic System, it enables you to use a common language and visual model for development across all levels. 

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The Difference Human Synergistic Tools Make

Since 1997, we have been utilizing the world class assessment tools by Human Synergistics International. This short booklet gives you an insight into our different diagnostic tools and approach to make sustainable change in individuals, teams, leaders and your organization.

Human Synergistics Award for the Best of the Best
in Canadian Culture 2021 - 2023
Seb Head Shot.png

Sébastien Dupuis,
CEO & President
Assumption Life 

The credit for this national award goes to our employees who stand out for their initiatives, teamwork and collaboration. I am convinced that the achievements and results we have seen over the past two years are directly related to the transformation of our internal culture. Assumption Life is proud to offer its people a positive environment where everyone can reach their full potential. Frank Gallant and Peak Experiences has been a critical partner for our cultural transformation

RBC Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Award and Entrepreneur 
Award - 2020
Tareq Hadhad.jpg

Tareq Hadhad, CEO

Peace by Chocolate

"Frank was among the very first few Canadians my family and I have met when we came to Canada. We quickly developed a unique brotherly friendship and he volunteered for over 2 years to support the launch of Peace by Chocolate, and orchestrated the building of our first chocolate factory helping us to be a Canada nation-wide recognized brand. Most recently, he has been there for us as an advisor to help solve problems, unify the team and turn problems into opportunities for growth and progress. He has been a strong asset helping to enhance the social impact of the company through the Peace On Earth Society."

Peak Experiences Award Best of the Best for Creating Vision Alignment for a Better World - 2020 
Jason MacLean Photo.png

Jason MacLean, President

Nova Scotia Government Employees Union

"Peak Experiences provided great facilitation support and direction for our Board in the development of our new 2020 - 2023 strategic plan. He kept our thirty four member board and executive team highly engaged with the use of video technology during a pandemic.  If you are looking for support to deepen your planning approach, we highly recommend Frank.

Peak Experiences Award for Mindset Resiliency for Student Engagement During Covid 19 - 2021
Karn Kichols Photo.png

Karn Kichols, Manager Graduate Programs, Sobeys School of Business, Saint Mary's University

"Frank has been an essential ingredient to the onboarding and orientation of our Masters’ students at the Sobey School of Business for over 25 years. Frank is a true partner who has the depth and breadth of experience to create engaging programming that expertly serves the needs of our students. He is highly skilled at adapting programming to fit the specific needs of our highly multicultural cohorts, and teaches the lessons that linger well beyond the completion of the program."

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Not Sure Where To Begin?

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