Become a “Service Culture Champion”


Create and Sustain a Culture of Superior Service


Superior service is a significant competitive advantage. We utilize the world class customer service styles assessment from Human Synergistics International to confirm how your customers rate the service excellence you provide. 


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Peak associates will translate the results of your customized "customer service styles ©" assessment and show you how to create and sustain a culture of superior service to create:

  • Higher revenues/lower costs/higher profits

  • More productive people doing higher and consistant quality work

  • Lower absenteeism and turnover

  • Higher job satisfaction

  • Lower stress

  • More innovation


Peak Experiences Consulting can help you transform your organization into a service champion – loved by customers, suppliers, employees and investors.


Peak’s Service Champion Program will show you how to:

  • create and sustain a culture of superior service;

  • engage every member of the organization, from the Board to front-line staff, in a commitment to superior service for clients, suppliers, fellow staff members, etc.;

  • hire for an aptitude for superior service; and

  • make this commitment permanent in your organization.

Since 1992, we have worked with hundreds of organizations specifically on their service culture. We would be pleased to speak with you about our service culture assessment tools, process, success stories and how we can customize an approach for your organization. 

Contact Frank Gallant at Peak Experiences Consulting for more details.

Frank Gallant

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