In the summer of 2017, Our founders had an idea. We wanted to provide more support for people struggling with the various complexities in their lives around grief and personal crisis. So we created a new line of services called: 

Nadir Experiences...

the compassionate side of Peak Experiences.


A peak experience is a fleeting moment of self actualization - one of life's highs (significant and positive.)


A nadir experience is entered around life's low points.


These experiences are unpleasant moments of stress, anxiety, anger, confusion, fear, paranoia, and even psychosis caused when consciousness descends into a physical unit that is unprepared, damaged, or embedded in a toxic milieu. (significant and negative). The opportunity for personal growth and development can be three times higher because of the nadir experience.

With over 25 years experience of developing greater cultures and inspiring individuals to become more effective leaders, they realized that part of what may be sabotaging people's potential is their inability to process their emotions during life's tougher trials and tribulations. This may be down to an event currently occurring in a person's life, a sequence of events, or may be something from their past that they haven't quite been able to get over. Recognizing that their is so much to be gained from interpreting the true meaning behind life's obstacles, they set about creating a scientific, humanistic and compassionate approach that could help anyone deal with the more harrowing parts of their life.

Thus, Nadir Experiences was born, with the intention of providing people with a unique and ground-breaking perspective on how to manage their Grief, Stress, Significant Mistakes and Crisis situations.

Our job is to help and support you in processing and understanding that the low points in life -The Nadir Experience - can be learned from in such a way that can significantly enhance your growth and development and moving forward with your life in a more effective manner. 

We truly believe that we learn most about ourselves during times of struggle, and look forward to assisting you however we can.

For more detailed information on the key areas we specialize in, please click one of the buttons below. Alternatively, we hope you find some information that may help you or someone you know. The website is regularly updated with new Blog posts and additional resources.

To book a consultation meeting to discuss Nadir Experiences please contact: 

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“If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go further, go together.”

- African Proverb

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