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Mindset Resilience Community Services - Free Membership 

Deepen your understanding of constructive mindsets and how the transformative power of feeling safe settles your mind. 


As human beings, we are capable of re-directing the stories of our lives simply by altering the way we think. It is this fact it makes change possible – if you first take the time to understand yourself, welcome trusted and skilled support and open yourself to use what you learn. Our mindset experts are trauma informed and understand the significant impacts of early childhood experiences, poverty, injustices and the challenges life simply throws our way. Ultimately, the choice is yours; we invite you to re-wire, to get unstuck, to heal and to grieve when necessary. By joining our Mindset Resiliency Community you can learn to thrive with others and by investing in your own growth and development.  


The following services are available to individuals who secure an annual membership to the Mindset Resilience Community. For information regarding memberships, click here

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Join us for monthly live webinars or catch-up via post recorded webinars 

on relevant topics

on the human mindset, resilience and well-being.  General topic have been schedule but during the webinar questions are driven by you -

the membership.  

(8) Ingoing Coaching Support.png

Coaching Support

Hire a mindset change expert to expand your personal capacity to make a difference being more resilient at home, work and / or within in your community. 

CLN Workshops Image.png


Join us for a monthly on-line zoom workshop on key

topics related to mindset development, connecting better, thinking better,

and respond effectively

to external stimuli and life’s challenges and more.  

CLN Resource Library Image.png

Resource Library

Secure access to our mindset development and resilience on-line resource library. Insightful tools, articles, concept papers and well vetted and helpful video's. 

Culture Bites Podcast Logo.png

Culture Podcasts

Join our friends from Human Synergistics New Zealand as they take mindset theory and turn it into everyday insights. They are powered by Human Synergistics International - a leading consulting, research, and diagnostics firm on the human mindset, leadership and culture.

(6) Team Development Implementation & Co

Discussion Groups

What key mindset change issues are keeping you up at night. Engage with people just like you from across Atlantic Canada and the world that are working to shift their mindset and the underlying attitudes, values and beliefs that impacts personal resilience.

Mindset Stories Podcast Image.png

Mindset Podcasts

Join Frank and David as they interview guests with inspirational tales, and dive into aspects of their mindset which will provide learning points applicable in every day life, people struggles and how, with support and compassion people found mindset resilience and change.

(7) Real Life Problem Solving.png

Peace of Mind Gathering

Join us for our annual

one day mindset change and resilience 'peace of mind' gathering where

we work together with other mindset leaders to

explore key health issues impacting people living

in communities near

and far. 

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