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Culture Change Key Issues Facing Society

What Challenging Culture Change Issues Are Keeping You Up At Night?

Culture change is hard but deeply rewarding work. We help people become better change agents through our projects, partnerships and our culture leaders network. We are building a future that’s better for everyone, not just the few – and we do that by increasing people’s capacity to create change within their organizations, their communities and their lives.

People have done a lot of work over the past number of years, but key issues still exist in our society that need real change. Building the internal capacity and leadership skills of individuals, teams and our partner organizations, sharing our cutting-edge expertise, tools, trends and insights to help them take a cultural change approach. The insights we've gained from this work will help speed up and advance your goals.  

If you don’t, who will? Now is your chance to advance an issue. Our collective efforts might just help change tomorrow. 

Change does happen. It may take many influences, many forms, many years - to invent, to inspire, to challenge, to create, to delight, to disrupt and to move us forward and shake things up forever.

It takes more than a lone hero. It takes a community of like minded people wanting change. 


We believe people can learn to navigate and influence the system around them, which is changing all the time, they have a great chance of transforming how others feel, think and behave in the world we all live in. Together, we have a chance to change the culture - for good.

We work with champions, partners and their associated networks by supporting them to apply futures, systems and culture change approaches. By co-designing strategies and further defining the role they play in rebuilding cultures, together we help Atlantic Canadians create a better world for everyone. A world that is sustainable, fair, and resilient. 


Engage Champions

Success starts with knowing why culture change is needed, what must change, and who brings strategy to life. (champions)


Build the Movement

Getting more people engaged and building upon the movement is an exciting part of re-writing the story, building energy and commitment for change.


Create Real Change

We constructively disrupt the current culture to co-create and accelerate change that really sticks. 

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