Clients & Testimonials

We work with small, medium and large size businesses, non-profits, organizations and governmental agencies throughout Atlantic Canada and at times with client partners across Canada / USA.  We have an outstanding track record of delivering high quality facilitation, training and consultation supports which inspire personal and organizational transformation. A more detailed sample list of our clients with testimonials can be found below. 

“Frank at Peak Experiences helped the Town of Stellarton find the right person for our new clerk treasurer lead position, and set them up for success going forward.  During the interview process, Frank was an expert at spotting important details that most of us missed.  These details tended to shine light in important areas that were never revealed on the resume.  This added value to the decision making process.  Frank is working with council, and our new staff team leader, to implement Performance Review systems for all Town employees.  The new system being implemented will help ensure the accountability of all employees within the Town of Stellarton, well at the same time providing clear direction, and shared goal setting, to staff.  I enjoy working with Frank and find the labor fruitful.”     

- Danny MacGillivary, Mayor

Town of Stellarton

"It has been pleasure working with you over the past year and a half on the leadership development and culture change process for Halifax Regional Municipality. I look forward to many more files and topics to collaborate on. Your job is very complex but you do it with pride and and confidence."


Tatjana Zatezalo, HRM Human Resources

“Frank Gallant has had a noticeable and meaningful impact on the forward movement and culture of our school district. He has an ability to learn quickly about the individual and group dynamics within our team and then leverage that knowledge to help us build a quality, effective leadership unit that is motivated to improve. Frank spends time with the group, as a whole, and individually, one-on-one, and he challenges us to be honest about roadblocks. In turn, he arms us with some necessary tools that will help face challenges and stay focused on the achievement of our goals. We will continue to use Frank in the future, as our organization continues to improve.” 


David McTimoney, Superintendent, Anglophone School District West, New Brunswick

"Frank has a wonderful way of relating to training participants that warms them up, builds trust, and opens them to challenges. He is fast on his feet, very “frank” but very respectful and keeps hitting the nail on the head.”


Jeff Moore, CEO Just Us! Coffee Roasters Co-op

“If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go further, go together.”

- African Proverb

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