BirdsEye Insights - Leadership Skills in a Changing World 

In these unprecedented times of uncertainty and change, opportunities exist for us all. This shift in how we are working creates the opportunity to focus our time, energy and effort on developing our leadership for this new world - the future of work has arrived.


BirdsEye Insights - Leadership Skills in a Changing World, powered by Peak Experiences (Frank Gallant) and Business Edge Consulting (Brian Bedford) we will provide the opportunity for you to develop your leadership capability for the new world and arm you with the insights and skills to grow constructive thinking styles, new organizational or business strategies along with developing and sustaining a high performing culture.

What is the BirdsEye Insights Program?
This six-part series, 2.5 hours modules each delivered via live webinars to help you develop the insights, skills and capabilities required of leaders for our changing world. These modules are available to;


- Individual business or organizational leaders;

- A group of individuals from an industry or sector wishing to come through the program together as a unit; or

- A set of business owners from a community looking to come through the program together to strengthen their collective.  

Module topics, dates and module times are listed below.  Participate in one or the collective series for the greatest benefit.

Introductory Module: 

Calming Down & Strengthening Ones Mindset

Now more than ever, constructive thinking, leadership and collaboration and will help us and others deal with a very new and fast-moving situation (and we can see from some of the situations around us how defensive (insecurities) thinking, stress and ineffective behaviour can take hold).  


In this complimentary  introductory module we will help you understand how to calm down, re-align your mindset and be ready and open to navigate moving forward through these complex times so you can do the best for your organization and community.

Module # 1: 

Leading More Effectively

in Uncertain Times

Leading More Effectively Through Conscious Thinking 


This module will focus itself around the concept of conscious thinking (constructive mindsets) that are foundational in effective leadership and the management of external stimulus. S + T = R (Stimulus + Thinking = Response) 

Managing your mindset in times of pressure, uncertainty and change requires a calm state ensuring you access and maintain effectiveness. 


Key opportunities for insights are:


- Our leadership styles and the internal stories we tell ourselves.


- The underlying attitudes, values and beliefs of the human mindset.


- How to self actualizing while managing pressure and a quickly changing world. 


- How to get your head in the right frame of mind. 

Module # 2: 

Problem Identification and Determining the Need for Change

Deepening the Need for Change and Exploring Emerging Futures. 


This module will strengthen your approach to identifying issues that you and others have, responding constructive to the disruption and the incentive to change.


Solidifying the core business you are in, problem identification and exploring emerging futures will be essential for helping you make the right calls in unprecedented in uncertain times.


Key opportunities for insights are:

- Framework for categorizing problems.


- Expanding and adapting current business services.


- Identifying competitors and new collaborative partners. 

- Future problem solving tools. 

Module # 3: 

Making Decisions and Leading Team Dynamic Remotely

Leveraging a Shared Leadership and Team-based Approach

This module will focus on how to improve cohesion amongst our teams in times when members are disbursed, anxiety is heightened, and we are working towards new goals.


Leaders need to adapt or develop new frameworks and processes for processing information, making tough decisions and ensure team alignment.


Key opportunities for insights are, 

- Securing, understanding and processing key information

- Right decisions for the right problems. 

- Communication and alignment on goals and priorities. 


- Team structures, tools, technologies and systems.

Module # 4: 

Deepening Leadership Mindsets for Ensuring Innovative Thinking 

Shared Leadership to Generate Innovative Thinking.

This module will focus on the leadership mindset required to successfully navigate through this new and uncertain world.


Learn to generate and process opportunities during those "AHA" moments when we are operating under pressure and at a fast pace.


Key opportunities for insights are: 


- How to access self-actualized and unconventional mindset required to generate powerful  ideas. 

- Insight generation.


- Processing and securing feedback from staff and key stakeholders.  

- The neuroscience of innovation.


Module # 5: 

Building a Strong

and Adapted


Leadership for Building or Adapting a New Business Plan

This module will explore the connections between leadership - culture and performance while helping you to evaluate, adapt or put in place a new business plan. 

We will focus on advancing your leadership to ensure you have updated strategies to stabilize, grow and sustain your organization.


Key opportunities for insights are:

- Individual and business strategies.


- Building and maintaining culture.


- Performance measures that matter.


- Factors that influence culture.

Module # 6: 

Ensuring a Strong Culture, Accountability and Leading Through Change

Solidifying Cultural Norms Fostering Strong Accountability Measures and Performance.

This module will focus on the leadership required to successfully navigate through the new and uncertain world.


We will explore how to strengthen your ability to lead vs being led and why a reduction in defensive leadership styles can make a difference in your success. 


Key opportunities for insights are: 

- VUCA Environment (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous)


-  How change happens for individuals and organizations.


- Learn strategies to deploy for you business. 

- How to ensure our accountability measure work for you. 

How much does it cost.

The introductory module is complimentary. 


The BirdsEye Insights program is $99 per module, or bundle price of $ 500* for all six modules plus HST. 


* includes a complimentary LSI Mindset Leadership assessment (valued at $ 125.00)

Can I pick and choose modules?
Yes, each module is aimed at people within a leadership role and will be available as individual learning experiences or as a series. Two sessions are available for each module to allow for our flexible new world. 

Module Schedule:                                                Session # 1:                                             Session # 2:

                                                                                  Mornings (8:30 - 11:00 am)                    Afternoons (1:00 - 3:30 pm)


Introductory Module (Free):                                 Tuesday May 19th                                    Friday May 22nd

                                                                                  Tuesday May 26th                                    Friday May 29th

Module 1: Leading in Uncertainty                       Monday June 8th                                      Friday June 12th 

Module 2: Leading Team Dynamics                    Monday June 15th                                    Friday June 19th 

Module 3: Effective Decision Making                  Monday June 22nd                                   Friday June 26th

Module 4: Innovating Thinking                            Monday June 29th                                    Friday July 3rd

Module 5: Leadership Culture Performance     Monday July 6th                                        Friday July 10th

Module 6: Leading Through Change                   Monday July 13th                                      Friday July 17th

“If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go further, go together.”

- African Proverb

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