“If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go further, go together.”

- African Proverb

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A vantage point from above; the ability to see past horizons, opportunities and obstacles.




  • Re-invent our future to create prosperity and fulfillment.



  • A group of business and community leaders coming together to create a more productive,  prosperous and sustainable region in the Maritime Provinces.

  • Accept the challenging, long-term responsibility to create the conditions to fulfill that destiny.

  • Connect and use our combined strength and determination to overcome self-imposed attitudinal and cultural barriers




  • Dissatisfaction with the status quo

  • Opportunities and potential being squandered

  • Slow economic growth

  • Irrelevance

  • Show ourselves what we can do – and then showcase it to the rest of the world.




  • Overcome self-imposed attitudinal and cultural barriers

  • Transform our business and community leaders

  • Accelerate change by design

  • Create confidence, optimism, relevancy

  • Exploit our advantages

  • Engage cities/towns – close to the ground – where things get done




  • A thriving, globally relevant region where creators collaborate in a positive, optimistic setting to change the world.



You’re invited to be a part of this cultural transformation.